Sled Hockey

This video was created and produced by Mike Wilkes.

About sled hockey:

Just as in ice hockey, sled hockey is played with six players (including a goalie) at a time. Players propel themselves on their sledge by use of spikes on the ends of two three foot long sticks, enabling a player to push himself as well as shoot and pass ambidextrously.

Rinks and goals are regulation Olympic-size, and games consist of three 15 minute stop time periods.

Open to Adult/Junior male and female athletes with: amputation/limb loss, spinal cord injury/wheelchair-users and cerebral palsy/brain injury/stroke.

ASPO’s teams:

Wooster Wildcats:

The Wildcats currently hold practices on Saturdays, September through March at the Alice Noble Ice Arena in Wooster. For current practice dates and times please refer to the calendar.

Toledo Walleye:

The Toledo Walleye Sled Hockey Team hold weekly practices at the Toledo Ice House on Saturday or Sunday. Please refer to the calendar for current dates and times.

Youngstown Boom:

The Youngstown Boom hold weekly practices at the Boardman Ice Zone on Sundays. Please refer to the calendar for current dates and times.