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Everyone Plays

Free Sports Equipment for Children with a Physical Disability or Visual Impairment

Everyone Plays Kit #1
Everyone Plays Kit #1 Lower Limb Disability

Adaptive Sports Ohio is providing Everyone Plays Kits to children in grades K-6 with a physical disability or visual impairment. 

Often children with physical disabilities and visual impairments are sidelined in their communities. Instead of being an active participant at recess or on the playground, they stand by and watch as their peers run, swing, jump, and play.  Adaptive Sports Ohio believes that all children have the universal right to be given a chance to play and have created the Everyone Plays Kit.  Now, children with physical disabilities and visual impairments will be in the game!

Everyone Plays is a toolkit filled with sports equipment and activity cards designed to improve the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of children with a disability. Children who receive a kit are also eligible to enroll in the Everyone Plays mentoring program.

  • Social/Emotional Benefits
    • Opportunity for children to be included in sport and play with their peers.
    • Paired with a mentor who has a disability.
  • Physical Benefits
    • A chance to be physically active despite having a disability.
    • Activities are designed for different skill levels.
    • Introduction to adaptive sport programs in the community.

Everyone Plays Kit Information

Eligibility:      Children in grades K-6 who reside in Ohio and have a physical disability or visual 


Cost:    FREE (limited number of kits available)


  • #1 Lower Limb Disability
  • #2 Visual Impairment – Coming Soon
  • #3 Upper Limb Disability – Coming in 2023

#2 Visual Impairment – COMING SOON

Request an Everyone Plays Kit

Register here to receive a kit.

Everyone Plays Mentorship Program

Children who receive a kit are invited to participate in the mentorship program. Mentors provide guidance and encouragement on utilizing the kit and navigating everyday life with a disability. You can opt-in the mentorship program when registering online for a kit, or if you have already requested your kit, send an email to EveryonePlays@AdaptiveSportsOhio.org.

Everyone Plays Virtual Playground

If you are participating in Everyone Plays and have received a kit, please send us a picture of yourself so you can be added to our Everyone Plays Virtual Playground! You can be playing with items from your kit, hugging your stuffed Zoey dog, or sporting your Everyone Plays t-shirt! 

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