A Chance to Play


Everyone Deserves A Chance To Play

Adaptive Sports Ohio was founded in 2009 by Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Followay. The idea of the organization was inspired by Lisa’s son, Casey (pictured above), who was born with Spina Bifida, and always wanted to play sports. “Adaptive sports gave Casey the chance to play like his peers. It benefited him, immensely. I knew that others with disabilities should have the opportunity to gain those benefits as well and that is why Adaptive Sports Ohio was born.  Our vision is that youth and adults across Ohio should have access to sport in their communities and schools.  No one should be denied the chance to play,” said Lisa.

People with physical disabilities have the same passion for sport that the nondisabled population do. The difference is just in how they play the sport. With minor adaptations and specialized equipment, the sidelined can experience all the benefits that sport provide. Adaptive Sports Ohio is here to make opportunities a reality. 

In the 15 years since the organization’s inception, Adaptive Sports Ohio has grown to serve hundreds of physically impaired youth and adults across the state through an abundance of competitive and recreational sports. The best is yet to come. 

Sir Phillip Craven, former wheelchair basketball player and president of the International Paralympic Committee from 2001-2017 said, “Give us a chance and we will show you what we can do. If not, we will make our own chances.”

Adaptive Sports Ohio’s mission is to remove barriers to ensure that individuals with physical disabilities have a chance to play, and utilize sport to elevate ability and empower futures.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors meets regularly to help us ensure that we’re serving our athletes to the best of our abilities. They help connect us to resources that allow us to continue growing as an organization and are committed to moving our mission forward. 

Jeff Tomassetti, President, Buehler’s Fresh Food Markets
Stephen Zuravel, Director, Invacare Top End
Dr. Raffi Najarian, Director, Akron Children’s Hospital, Adaptive Sports Ohio Athlete
Dr. Ruthie Kucharewski, Ph.D., Director, CTRS, University of Toledo
Kyle Adams, Director, Stifel
Josh Montgomery, Director, Broehl Law Office
Anne Harmody, Director, Howard Hanna

Dr. Richard L. Bailey, J.D., Ph.D., Director


Our staff is made up of trained experts with multiple years of experience in the field of adaptive sports. We are happy to help you get started in the sport that most interests you, and will work with you to help you discover the program(s) that best fit your interests and abilities.

Lisa Followay

Assistant to CEO/Office Manager:
Sara Kwiecien

Director of Equipment Operations/Program Manager:
Brett Followay

Director of Community Based/Everyone Plays

Cara Hahn

Director of Competitions/Program Manager:
Stephen Olesky

Sport Facilitators:
Alex Yoder

Jaylen Miller

Office and Program Manager Assistant:
Casey Followay

Madyson Followay